Whole House Fans

Quickly cool your home by bringing in Colorado’s cool night air.

In the Colorado summer it cools quickly as the sun sets. Whole house fans take advantage of this to cool your home quickly in the evening. A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling in a central location. When the fan is turned on it pulls the cool air in from open windows or doors and takes the hot air out of the house and blows it into the attic. The hot attic air is pushed out the attic vents so you get a cooler attic as well as a cooler house.

Not your Grandfathers house fan!
Traditional whole house fans were designed in the 1920's. We do not use many things from the 1920's. They did not have computers or cell phones or color TVs. Traditional whole house fans work really well to move the air. But, they waste a lot of energy. In the winter, the shutters do not close tightly, allowing warm air from the house to go into the attic. Also, there is no insulation above the shutters. If an energy audit is done on a home with a traditional whole house fan, the fan is usually the largest heat loss.
Our solution for your Colorado home.
Energy-efficient, low-noise whole house fans are now available to solve these problems. Modern fans are suspended from the rafters and are connected to the ceiling grille with flexible duct. Dampers close when the fan is not running, sealing the air inside the home. These modern fans are so quiet and energy efficient that they make traditional whole house fans seem old-fashioned.

Our fans are smart home compatible.
Control your fan with a wall switch. Add an optional smartphone app and control the fan with the switches or your phone. Connect it to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control. Also works with other smart speakers.
Or use one of our 3 remote control systems.
With our WiFi controls you get switches on the wall to control the fan as well as a smartphone app. With most other systems you do not get wall switches for a backup.

Large Selection
Vent Masters is a Dealer for all the major whole house fan manufacturers. We keep a large selection of fans from QuietCool, QA-Deluxe, and Cool Attic for retail sale or installation by our expert crews. We can order other fans for you if you like.
Below are reviews of some of the most popular fans.

We have 5 operating whole house fans in our showroom so you can see and hear them before you buy.
Contact us for a free estimate!

Image of QuietCool TRI 4.8 whole house fan.

QC animated logo

QuietCool whole house fans

QuietCool is our most popular whole house fan system. We have been a QuietCool dealer since 2007. We have sold or installed over 2,000 and everyone loves them.

They are very quiet, energy efficient and easy to install. The fan itself hangs from the rafters and is connected to the ceiling grille by insulated, flexible ducting, which makes the fan very quiet. Internal dampers close when the fan is not running to seal the attic opening. The ceiling grille and damper fit between the ceiling joists. No joist cutting is required.
QuietCool has 4 separate lines of whole house fans with 7 different sizes in each line.
We stock all the QuietCool Trident fans for sale or installation.

Classic Line fans have insulated dampers and a 10 year warranty. They are sold retail and online for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Energy Saver Line fans have energy efficient "brushless" motors and use about 30% less electricity than the Classic Line. For sale retail and online.

The Trident Pro Line is only available from QuietCool Dealers like Vent Masters. They include a timer and have removable grilles for easy cleaning. They have a 15 year Warranty.

The Stealth Pro Line is also only available from Dealers like Vent Masters. They have removable grilles, a timer, a 15 year warranty, and have the energy saving ecm motors.

Website - quietcoolsystems.com

QA-Deluxe Fans logo

QA-Deluxe whole house fans

QA-Deluxe fans also have gravity dampers but they have very nice rigid insulation. The fan body is heavy spun aluminum and there are rubber bushings on the motor mounts to help prevent vibration.
These fans all include a timer and a speed control switch.
We stock the Pro Elite line which has a 15 year warranty.
They come in two sizes -
The Pro Elite 3.4 is good for homes up to 1700 sf.
The Pro Elite 4.9 is good for homes up to 2300 sf.

Their website - qadeluxe.com

Image of Cool Attic fan in the attic.

Cool Attic Logo

Cool Attic whole house fans

Cool Attic fans really move a lot of air for a very reasonable price. They also have insulated doors. They are not as quiet as most of the other fans but they offer a great value, especially for the homeowner who does not mind some "white noise" in the background.
10 Year Warranty
There are 2 sizes of Cool Attic fans -
The CX 1401 is good for homes up to 1400 sf.
The CX 1801 is for homes up to 2000 sf.
We have them in stock and we have one on display, come check them out!

Their website - bvcfans.com

Image of AirScape Sierra whole house fan

AirScape Logo

AirScape whole house fans

Airscape whole house fans are very high quality. We have been installing them for a long time, we were the first AirScape dealer outside of the west coast. The motors are all energy efficient ecm brushless motors.
3 Year Warranty

AirScape has 4 separate lines of whole house fans.

AirScape Sierra fans are the flagship model. They have motorized dampers with R-49 insulation for a great winter seal. A 10 speed remote control with a timer is an option.
4 different sizes.

AirScape Ventura whole house fans have the high quality ecm motors but do not have the motorized, insulated dampers.
4 sizes. 10 speed remote control optional.

AirScape Liftlock fans are for attics with very limited space. They have motorized dampers but not as much insulation as the Sierra line. They are not as quiet as the rest of the AirScape fans.

AirScape 1.7 is really a classic. They have 4 very high quality, super efficient fans and motorized, insulated damper doors. We have been installing these for years and they are a great choice for small homes.
2 speeds

Their website - airscapefans.com

Image of CentricAir whole house fan.

Centric Air Logo

Centric Air whole house fans

Centric Air whole house fans feature sealed, German engineered motors with precision balanced, composite, wing tip design fan blades. These are very quiet and energy efficient. Centric fans also have an optional R-50 motorized damper door system, which is ideal for Colorado winters.
CentricAir systems are very high quality.
10 Year Warranty.
Centric has 5 sizes of fans.

Their website - centricair.com

The Vent Masters Difference

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- Attic Ventilation experts
- Licensed electricians for installations

Whole house fans are also called attic fans, house fans, and whole home fans.