Whole House Fans

Quickly cool your home by bringing in Colorado’s cool night air.

In the summer in Colorado it cools quickly after the sun sets. Whole house fans take advantage of this to cool your home quickly in the evening. A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling in a central location. When the fan is turned on it pulls the cool air in from open windows or doors and takes the hot air out of the house and blows it into the attic. The hot attic air is pushed out the attic vents so you get a cooler attic as well as a cooler house.

Not your Grandfathers house fan!
Traditional whole house fans were designed in the 1920's. We do not use many things from the 1920's. They did not have computers or cell phones or color TVs. Traditional whole house fans work really well to move the air. But, they waste a lot of energy. In the winter, the shutters do not close tightly, allowing warm air from the house to go into the attic. Also, there is no insulation above the shutters. If an energy audit is done on a home with a traditional whole house fan, the fan is usually the largest heat loss.
Our solution for your Colorado home.
Energy-efficient, low-noise whole house fans are now available to solve these problems. Modern fans are suspended from the rafters and are connected to the ceiling grille with flexible duct. Dampers close when the fan is not running, sealing the air inside the home. These modern fans are so quiet and energy efficient that they make traditional whole house fans seem old-fashioned.

Our fans are smart home compatible.
Control your fan with a wall switch. Add an optional smartphone app and control the fan with the switches or your phone. Connect it to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control. Also works with other smart speakers.
Or use one of our 3 remote control systems.
With our WiFi controls you get switches on the wall to control the fan as well as a smartphone app. With most other systems you do not get wall switches for a backup.

Large Selection
Vent Masters is a Dealer for all the major whole house fan manufacturers. We keep a large selection of fans from QuietCool, CentricAir, and QA-Deluxe, for retail sale or installation by our expert crews. We can order other fans for you if you like.
Below are prices and reviews of our most popular fans.

We have 5 operating whole house fans in our showroom so you can see and hear them before you buy.

eControls now in stock

Control your fan by time or by temperature.
Wall controls, RF remote controls, and WiFi controls are all options.

Image of QuietCool TRI 4.8 whole house fan.

QC animated logo

QuietCool whole house fans

QuietCool is a popular whole house fan system. We have sold or installed several thousand units since 2003 and they are very reliable.
QuietCool has 4 separate lines of whole house fans with 7 different sizes in each line.
We stock all the QuietCool Trident fans for sale or installation.

Classic Line fans have a 10 year warranty. They are sold retail and online.

Energy Saver Line fans have energy efficient "brushless" motors and use about 30% less electricity than the Classic Line. Sold retail and online. 10 year warranty.

The Trident Pro Line is not sold online. They include a timer and speed control switch and have removable grilles for easy cleaning. They have a 15 year Warranty.

The Stealth Pro Line has an ecm motor. They are not sold online. They also include a timer and switches,a removable grille, and a 15 year warranty.

Website - quietcoolsystems.com

QA-Deluxe Fans logo

QA-Deluxe whole house fans

QA-Deluxe fans also have gravity dampers but they have very nice rigid insulation. The fan body is heavy spun aluminum and there are rubber bushings on the motor mounts to help prevent vibration.
The QA-Deluxe fans are a little quieter than the QuietCools.
We stock the Pro Elite line which includes a timer and speed control switch, a removable grille, and has a 15 year warranty.
They come in three sizes so there should be one that is right for your home.
Their website - qadeluxe.com

Image of CentricAir whole house fan.

CentricAir Logo

CentricAir whole house fans

CentricAir whole house fans feature sealed, German engineered fan motors. These fans provide 30% more power and use 1/3 less energy than other whole house fans.They are rated for 40,000 hours of operation. The fans blades are precision balanced, composite, wing tip design for high performance and efficiency, while reducing noise up to 3 decibels. The fan blades are knife sharp, I cut myself once unpacking one. Centric fans come with real R-7 rigid insulated doors and also have an optional R-50 motorized damper door system, which is ideal for Colorado winters.
CentricAir systems are very high quality. Sometimes called "The Mercedes of whole house fans", they are the best fan we have ever seen. Come by our showroom to check them out, up close they are even more impressive.
All include a timer and speed control switch, a removable grille, and a 15 Year Warranty.
There are 5 sizes of CentricAir fans.
Their website - centricair.com
Check out our video - CentricAir Video

Our Whole House Fan Prices


 Model  cfm  sf  db  price
 CL-1500  1100  250-800  37  $499
 CL-2250  1770  400-1300  43  $749
 CL-3100  2380  600-1700  49  $849
 CL-4700  3230  800-2300  49  $999
 CL-5400  3950  900-2800  51  $1,099
 CL-6000  4160  1000-2900  51  $1,299
 CL-7000  5300  1250-3750  51  $1,399

Note: Due to supply issues, we usually upgrade the QC Classic fan to the QC Trident fan, which has a 15 year warranty.

QA Deluxe

 Model  cfm  sf  db  price
 QA-3300  2425  600-1700  47  $875
 QA-5500  3945  900-2800  47  $1,075
 QA-6500  4478  1050-3200  48  $1,225


 Model  cfm  sf  db  price
 CentricAir 1.5  1263  300-900  45  $890
 CentricAir 2.0  1918  450-1350  45  $1,090
 CentricAir 2.7  2709  600-1900  47  $1,295
 CentricAir 3.4  3242  750-2300  47  $1,500
 CentricAir 4.0  3921  900-2800  47  $1,700

cfm is airflow in cubic feet per minute.
sf is the square footage of the above ground area of your home.
db is noise level in decibels. Higher numbers are louder.
All fans include a wall timer and switch. Remote and WiFi controls are options.

QuietCool Video


QA-Deluxe Video

QA Deluxe

CentricAir Video


- 3 Different Brands of Fans in stock and on display
- Showroom and warehouse for retail sales
- Attic Ventilation experts
- Licensed electricians for installations

Whole house fans are also called attic fans, house fans, and whole home fans.